oh, it's September

I just refreshed this page because I thought the date was a mistake. Apparently it's September.

I'm going to keep a few public entries when I can, I think, for the sake of Facebook notes. Look what Facebook does to me, it's awful...

but anyway I haven't updated in a long time. What have I been doing since my crazy days in Tel Aviv (not that I wrote much about those either...)

well, I've been to NYC twice, once on the way home since I flew into JFK and once for a job interview (!!) - I'll find out the outcome of that one soon enough, and if there *is* an outcome - I'll update. For now, I'll say that it's a really neat position, in a really cool place and I want it, not only because it will mean the end of this job HUNT. In NYC I stayed with Liz in her apartment, which is in an area I recently learned is called Yorksville. (I also ran into my Florence semester roommate, Tamara, on a nearby street - and learned that Brendon from my Russia program is moving there soon too. Apparently it's the place to be, Yorksville...) Liz has been very generous with her spare 10 sq feet of Manhattan space.

in between NYC trips, I went up to Ohio with the family for our cousin's Bar Mitzvah. it was great to see the cousins whom we hardly ever see, briefly checking out late-night Cleveland (it's more exciting than it sounds, I swear). if I end up in the city a lot I hope to spend more time with Chaya and whoever else is there - along with my mom's cousins Barbara and Kevin and their parents. Barbara took me out to Williamsburg for a couple of hours on my last trip, to check out the neighborhood. I liked it a lot as a place to visit, but I'm not sure it's the best neighborhood for me in Brooklyn if I were to move there.

Today I was up at Drew for Alona's move-in/convocation etc. it was really weird to be there in that context... hardly any students I know, people I don't know thinking I'm an incoming freshman, coming back to Drew but leaving the same day... I'm definitely glad I was there though. Alona's roommate Cindy seems really sweet and down to earth, and I helped them rearrange the room furniture so successfully that I considered a career in interior design. (for about 5 seconds). no but really, they have the sweetest space in the Tolly Pit for sure - everyone else kept peeking in and shooting looks of approval. before I take all the credit, the room also looked good because of some uncanny coincidences re: what they brought - same towels, similar sheets (striped/green), comforters (dark blue), blue smush pillows (whatever they're called)... just like how Kaity and I brought the same Ikea bedding sets in different colors and the same exact jersey sheets. Cindy and Alona are also both short and were wearing almost the same jeans... yeah.

When I had time I stopped by Faulkner house and talked to Marc for a little while about courses, jobs, grad schools, life... I saw Joslyn on the way back, and she was carrying Quinn who was twice the age she was when I last saw her (8 months vs 4) so I got to see a few big toothless grins, she's really cute.

Later on I saw the Aztec stairs, which aren't there anymore. Or rather, they are concrete now and no longer the warped-wooden-stairs-without-rails that we all came to know and love over years of stumbling down them in various states. Now they seem too bright white and organized. I didn't see too many other changes around campus, except that the floors of Tolley were mostly uncarpeted (don't know when this change happened but it's a smart one). Also, I think I saw a total of THREE squirrels on campus today. a little disturbing.

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on the AOL main site today (which I would never check except that it's the homepage for this computer):

Top News Searches:

- President Bush
- Disney
- Israel
- Hurricanes

just thought I would share.

and should I change my flight or not??? (if I find work)

the hills are alive

My children are roaming about Salzburg dressed up in nothing but some old DRAPES?!

yeah here I am in the city of Mozart, the Sound of Music, and hostels that like to take lots of your money. but I cant really update at all, i have three minutes left.
in any case I havent actually seen salzburg yet, I have just seen the bar in my hostel and eaten pizza and played phase 10 for hours with a few nice canadian and aussie boys.
but no worries, tomorrow will be all about going up to the fortress- gardens- sound of music tour- hills are alive etc etc... and ill update for real when internet doesnt cost this much. ciao ciao.


I have 8 minutes and 27 seconds to update from this computer at my hostel in Munich.

The weather is disgusting. In any case I went on the Third Reich walking tour today and saw all the Nazi buildings that are still standing around with little indication of their historical significance.. actually I saw the same buildings yesterday on the way to the art museum, and somehting about them was a little creepy. Now I know what they are.. anywaz its weird. tomorrow Iäm going to Dachau.
Yesterdaz I did a normal walking tour of the city, which was ok but the guide wasnt as good as the tour I just did. I went to the alte pinakoteke where I saw lots of art but nothinjg that reallz stood out. I went to dinner with Marnie in a biergarten where we ordered bottled beer because it was the smallest size and then felt ridiculous. and I got half a chicken on my plate. the night before we did a nightlife tour which was interesting..

If the weather doesnt clear up when I get to my one and ahalf days in salzburg, Im going to be sad.

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not really an update, just a check in (czech in?) ummm right.

I'm at Naor's sister Lilach's house in the outskirts of Prague for a second night. About to go to sleep and get up way early for a bus to Munich. It's been amazing... comfortable... etc I guess I'll write more later.

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Ok, well this goes down in history as the sketchiest place I have updated from. Next door to our hostel is this big nightclub, the Roxy, and in the same building as the Roxy, there is this weird art space-internet cafe-warehouse thing which advertised free internet if you get a coffee or something. So I came in here with my new Brazilian friends and we came upstairs, through lots of empty rooms and an art exhibit that literally looked like piles of dust and cigarette buttss swept up on the floor... and we came into this room after waiting for five minutes, and the one punkish guy working here finally turned on these computers that are around eight years old. And the coffee tasted like mud. but yeah surprisingly the net actually works. German-czech keyboards drive me nuts though because the z is where the y is supposed to be.. not nearly as bad as french keyboards but still really annozing. see% now where§s the question mark_%ahhh


ok. well yesterday was nice even though the weather was nasty. I went on the walking tour which was ok but not as great as the ones we went on in Rome. I met a girl on the tour who is planning on studying in s. petersburg next year so I talked to her about it. we saw a lot of prague but it was rainy so I think Ill go back up to the the same places today. I definitely want to do the jewish quarter though, it§s right by here and its really amazing. During the tour we ate at a pub, more shnitzel, and pilsener of course. In the evening I met these Brazilians and Argentinians staying in mz room at the hostel and I went out with them to dinner at a Chinese restaurant where the waitress hated us. But it was decent and then we all went out, after too many hours deliberating, to a big dance club near charles bridge. Along with the south americans there was a very drunk scottish guy, two girls from new orleans, a guy who went to wootton high school, a guy who goes to school in boone, NC... yeah. interesting crowd. The club was silly, especially on a wednesday. the sign downstairs advertised three floors, entitled "oldies", "dance", and "black music". really. actually oldies turned out to be old school black music. anyway it was fun even if the club was pretty empty and the floors were all sticky.

in any case we didnt get in until around four, and had to check out at ten... so Im going to be a zombie today but at least its gorgeous outside so thats nice. and then this evening Ill take the metro out to Naors sister and her family, because I talked to her yesterday and.. Im invited to stay! yay!! I think Ill stay there tonight and tomorrow night, and then take an early bus on saturday to munich. yep, thats my plan...

wasting travel time to update again...

Well, here I am in Prague, on the internet instead of seeing the city. But the weather is nasty, and I think I'll be doing a walking tour later or something so I guess I better save energy.

Monday and Tuesday in Vienna were nice. Sunday night in the hostel common room I met two guys, Alex and Kyle, a Canadian and a Texan, and after being shushed by the frustrated Italian hostel guy ten times, we went to sleep and met up the next morning. We ended up spending pretty much all of Monday and Tuesday together. Monday we saw the big art museum, which had an amazing Flemish collection, and lots of Italian and Egyptian stuff as well as entire wings that were closed.. but it was more than enough to fill up three hours. There were these fantastic audioguides included in the price of admission, you could plug in the number of many of the paintings and listen to great explanations about them. We ended up going to that cafe I had passed the day before, and having some expensive cake and coffee and the best tomato soup ever with a guy playing mozart in the middle of the room. Then we just walked around a lot, saw the inside of the big church, sat around in the nice state park, climbed a tree (well, they did) and saw another church. Everything in Vienna was very symmetrical; for example, the huge 19th century museum building had another museum across from it built in exactly the same way.
Tuesday, after buying my ticket to Prague, I went to a crazy art museum, the Kunst Haus Wien, built by this hippie artist-environmentalist guy who hated straight lines. So he built stuff without straight lines, with the floors curving like hills under your feet. I loved his architecture and his philosophy, but his other art, very colorful with lots of onion domes, wasn't too exciting to me. The temporary exhibit in the museum was really neat though, this artist with amazing technical skill who takes classic works of art that everyone is familiar with and twists them in hilarious ways.
Afterwards I met up with Kyle and Alex at the food market, where we had lunch, and then we went to the music museum which was pretty crazy - all about how sound works, etc, and then an entire floor about the great composers who lived in/ came through Vienna. And there was some crazy interactive stuff. One thing that was funny was the opportunity to conduct the Vienna philharmonic virtually on a video screen. I didn't get to do it, but Alex and I sat there watching all these Austrian kids conduct the orchestra way too fast, causing this one cellist to stand up multiple times and yell at them in German. I really wanted to know what the guy was saying.

so then I left for prague. When I got to the train I found a compartment where one woman was sitting with all her stuff spread out so nobody would sit with her. After a minute, she received a phone call and started talking.. in Hebrew. So yeah, she was Sharon from Petah Tikva (Tiqwa?) traveling to Brno for work, and we talked in Hebrew the whole way there. It was fun.
I got to Prague by myself at around 10 PM, and I don't want to do that again. The station was very empty and these creepy skinhead punk-looking guys were at the bottom of these stairs I ended up having to descend 4 different times, and one of them kept coming after me with the creepy czech version of "ciao bella". shudder. it was early enough that I didn't really feel unsafe but it wasn't fun. an australian girl gave me some coins so I could use the metro, because the bankomat gave me a 2000 crown bill. The metro was very.. Soviet. So is this hostel, at least the stairwell is. On the way to the hostel from the metro, I felt about as safe as I would arriving in Moscow alone at 10 pm, except a little worse since I can't say anything in the language. But all is fine, and I'm sure I will love the city once I actually get out and see it. The room I stayed in wasn't bad - for a 16 bed dorm. It wasn't too noisy or dirty or anything, and I ran into none other than Ale and Marnie just outside the dorms last night! It was pretty crazy. Marnie might be going to Munich at the same time as me. I checked out of the hostel this morning, in the hopes of finding somewhere a little more comfortable to stay, and maybe, just maybe - an offer of a place to stay with Naor's sister, but I should probably give her a call first..

Well, I better go, an hour and 45 crowns later..